ART 027, DEC 2014

Music ReviewUFBASchool of Music

Salvador – Bahia – Brazil

ISSN 2317-6059

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Special Issue

ART027 is dedicated to the publication of selected texts derived from papers presented at the First Conference of TeMA (Brazilian Association of Musical Theory and Analysis), held in Salvador, November 2014, at the School of Music of UFBA.

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TeMA: A Landmark for the Future

  • Ilza Nogueira

Structures, musical realities and some other trips on musical creation in composition and analysis

  • Bruno Ângelo

For an analysis of performance in music videos, a “Visual Perfomance Map” and a “Visual Performance Edition”

  • Fausto Borém

Possible Interactions Between Musical Analysis and Aesthetic Judgment

  • Antenor Corrêa

Notes to a Study of Musical Inspiration

  • Pedro Amorim Filho

Sonorities fabric: application proposal of the Compound Sound Unit concept to the Partitional Analysis.

  • Rafael Fortes

Some Remarks About Composing Music and Teaching Composition — in the First Decades of the 21st Century

  • Sérgio Freire

The Translator as a Builder of Bridges Between Cultures

  • Cristina Capparelli Gerling

Distribution and Instrumental Partition in the Variations op. 30 by Webern

  • Didier Guigue

Music and Narrative Since 1900: The Hermeneutic Challenge of Contemporary Analysis

  • Michael Klein

An application of derivative analysis on Brazilian romantic music: The first movement of Leopoldo Miguéz’s Sonata for Violin and Piano op. 14

  • Desiree Mayr
  • Carlos Almada

Intertextual resonances: imaginary, motivation and musical discourse in composition

  • Daniel Mendes

Contour Analyzer: Computational tool for the analysis of musical contours

  • Daniel Moreira de Sousa

I:PAC MC: Poetic Resonances in Schubert’s Sonata Form Works

  • Gabriel Navia

Notating and producing multiphonic in the piano: a brief introduction

  • Marcílio Onofre
  • Bibiana Bragagnolo

The voice of the enchanted bird: considerations on the use of leitmotif in Uirapurú (1917) by Heitor Villa-Lobos

  • Daniel Zanella dos Santos