Submission Guidelines

ART welcomes submissions in several areas of music, such as composition, performance, musicology, ethnomusicology, music education, and also in interfaces with other areas. The preferred length for papers is 3,000—8,000 words total, 1,000—2,000 for reviews and up to 500 for Dissertation abstracts (when submitting for the Dissertations Index). Manuscripts must be submitted by e-mail in RTF, DOC (not DOCX) or plain TXT format, according to the following guidelines:

  1. Style: manuscripts (papers and reviews) according to The Chicago Manual of Style are required, including citations, format and references.
  2. Format: double-space, justified, with footnotes rather than endnotes. “Floats” (musical examples, tables, figures etc.) in the text, or between pages of text, rather than at the end.
  3. The manuscript must be anonimous. The documents with any reference to authorship will be declined.

Authors of accepted articles or reviews will be required to provide copy in Rich Text Format (.rtf) for editorial purposes, with “floats” attached (separated). Special typefaces, mathematical type, or in-text graphics must be prepared in consultation with the editor.

Send manuscripts to:

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